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Basic Cake Course

Cupcakes Course

Macaroon Course

Adult Sourdough Courses

Sourdough is the most traditional way to make bread, harnessing the power of wild yeasts to raise our loaves. Nowadays we understand so much more about how these bacteria and yeasts work in harmony to make sourdough so much more delicious, flavour some and digestible
We make sourdough every week at Nora’s Pastry ,and we have a love for the wonders of sourdough culture. Over the course of will guide you through the journey of making sourdough. Starting from the choice of flour, creating and maintaining your starter in a simple way, how to use bakers percentages to calculate your doughs ingredients, kneading methods, high hydration doughs, perfect shaping, judging when your loaf is ready for the oven and finally baking. It’s a long journey and will be packed with all the information to successfully start baking or improve your homemade sourdough.This class will be good for beginners as experienced bakers for something new.

Adult Basic Cake Course

This course is an introduction to the basic art of frosting and decorating a cake.
Topics include familiarization with cake decorating tools, bags, tips and an exploration into different styles of cakes. We will demonstrate how to properly torte, fill, and frost a cake. Students will practice basic border techniques and decorative piping. The techniques learned will be used to finish a 8″ layer cake that each student takes home.

Adult Cupcakes Courses

You asked and we have delivered! Our brand new Cupcake Baking and Decorating Masterclass will cover every aspect of making delicious cupcakes, teaching you our CCC tried and tested recipes.
This two to three hour class will cover everything you need to know to deliver perfect cupcakes time after time. Assisted by Chef.Nora , you’ll bake 2 different cupcake flavors and will practice the art of perfect piping. The finished product will be a perfectly presented, delicious mixed of 6 cupcakes to take home and impress your friends and family with…. all baked from scratch by you

Adult Macaroon Course

Once you learn the skills in this class you will be able to quickly make the perfect batch of macarons every time!
  • Preparing meringue, coloring meringue, piping and baking the shells
  • Making fillings : ganache ; coloring and flavorings
  • Assembling macrons
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